Bow Tie Bar was founded by Joshua Kay in 2018. Joshua wanted to create a bar service that was more environmentally friendly and more adaptable to different party themes while remaining competitive.

The Bow Tie Bar was hand built from reclaimed wooden pallets by Joshua and his brother Joe. This meant they could be more flexible with their design and more adaptable for clients needs. The bar extends to accommodate more bartenders for larger parties but the sections are compact enough to fit practically anywhere, even your living room!

We use biodegradable straws for our cocktails and strive to source fair trade and environmentally conscious products. In 2020 Joshua made the decision to go one step further and seek out new suppliers that can provide ethically produced, environmentally friendly and charitable products. He succeeded and created the all new and improved "Green Bow Tie" package. You can find out more about this here.

Many venues now have a no glass policy, this isn’t a problem for Bow Tie Bar! We provide premium, reusable, recyclable, polycarbonate glassware. These glasses are better for the environment than disposable cups but safer than glass. Perfect for busy parties, around children and pets, or at poolside parties.

Our Bartenders are here to serve you and they’re not afraid to dress for the occasion. Whether you want a smart, professional bartender for your cheese and wine party, a colourfully dressed bartender for your Hawaiian party or something more traditional for your wedding day, Bow Tie Bar will do it all!

Our service is quick and professional, so book now!