Payment Terms:

Packages and Dry Hire: 50% deposit is to be paid at time of booking to secure date and time. 50% Final payment is to be paid not later than 10 working days prior to event. If clients are paying in cash, the final payment can be made on the day of the event. Service will not begin until the final payment has been made.

Cash Bar: A refundable deposit of £250 is to be paid at time of booking to secure date and time. This is refundable once the event has taken place. Please allow 3-5 working days for this to reach your account.

If a Temporary Even Notice (TEN) is needed, an additional payment of £21 will be required. This £21 is not refundable once the Temporary Events Notice (TEN) has been applied and paid for.

Cancellations: We require a minimum of 14 days prior to the event date in order to cancel with a full refund. It may be possible to move your event if required, in this instance you will not lose your deposit providing you rebook within 6 months. The event date cannot be changed more than once. In the event Bow Tie Bar must cancel, a full refund will be given.

Licensing: Where a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) is required, Bow Tie Bar will apply for this in the client’s name on the client’s behalf. The cost of this is £21. If this is not possible, a TEN will be applied for in the name of Joshua Kay as a personal license holder. A minimum of 10 clear working days is required in order to apply for a TEN. 

It is an offence to supply alcohol to a person under the age of 18. Clients agree that where possible, under 18’s will not be present at their events. Where present, under 18’s are not permitted to approach the bar. Under 18’s are not to be supplied alcohol by anyone at the event. If Bow Tie Bar suspect anybody under the age of 18 has been supplied alcohol, service will cease, and the police will be notified. 

It is an offence to serve alcohol to a drunk person. This is subject to the bar staff discretion at the event and they have the right to refuse service to any person they believe to be drunk. 

If Bow Tie Bar witness or suspect the use of drugs at an event, service will cease, and the police will be notified

Under the licencing act, Bow Tie Bar are required to adopt a challenge 25 Policy. Please make guests aware they may be required to produce a valid photo ID.

Guests are not permitted behind the bar. If guests are aggressive or the bar staff feel threatened, service will cease and, if necessary, the police will be called. 

Complaints: Clients are encouraged to discuss any grievances they have with the bar staff at an event in a calm and respectful manor so that issues can be dealt with. If this is not possible, please put any complaints in writing and email them to info@bowtiebar.co.uk

Insurance: All details are available on request.

Other: The bar requires level access to the event and a 2m square space for the small bar and 4m x 2m for the extended bar. We require a standard power point close to the bar area. Access to the vehicle may be required during the event so this should be no further than 20m from the bar. Parking for car and single axel trailer required.